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Task management
Version: 1.3.2
Added: 26-09-2012
Updated: 04-07-2013
Unofficial todoist.com (todo list management website) client. Neither the
official apps nor the server are FOSS.

* Offline support (syncs with Todoist servers)
* Filter by projects, labels and queries
* Sort items by due date
* View and edit notes and labels
* View completed items as well
* Backup & restore Todoist data frequently
* Many options for initial view (last used label/project, specific label/project, and many more)
* Todoist text formatting for projects/items/notes (e.g. "my %(b)bold% item!")
* Phone numbers, email and website addresses in items and notes are turned into clickable links
* Support for uncompletable tasks (tasks with an asterisk at the beginning)

Anti-feature: Network Services. The website itself is neither free-as-in-freedom
nor open-source.
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