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Play YouTube videos in a minimized, floating window
Version: 0.95
Added on: 08-04-2017
Last update: 08-04-2017

Watch YouTube video with the ability to minimize and move the video around.


  • Play YouTube in a floating player that can be minimized and moved around the screen.
  • You can easily play a single YouTube video or an entire YouTube playlist just by a single click.
  • Share YouTube videos or playlists from youtube app to MinTube to play in background.
  • YouTube video and playlist links are also handled by the app.
  • User can control most of the aspects of the app.
  • Video Playback Quality can be controlled.
  • A single video or playlist can be set on repeat.
  • View window size can be changed.
  • Search and watch your favorite videos.
  • Login to YouTube and access your data.
  • Control Video playback via notification.
  • Play single or multiple videos from your watch history (coming soon).
  • Choose between iframe web and YouTube android player (coming soon).
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