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UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) (legacy)

Location provider middleware (UnifiedNlp)
Version: 1.6.8
Added: 22-03-2015
Updated: 17-01-2017

This package is for AOSP from 2.3 to 4.3.1, if you use a ROM based on AOSP 4.4 and later, see UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS). If you have GAPPS installed, independently from the AOSP version, see UnifiedNlp (GAPPS).

Some ROMs, like FirePhoneOS 1.8 (AOSP 4.2), come with support for Google geolocation provider as user app. On these systems Legacy build of UnifiedNlp can be installed to use as the network location provider, like Google’s one. It acts as a middleware for various plugins aka backends, it does not provide any location lookup itself. For further information please refer to the UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) package and the README.

After installing you have to reboot your device, install a backend service and activate/configure it in the app settings. After this you can use UnifiedNlp by activating network-based geolocation from Settings -> Personal -> Location access: You need to enable "Access to my location" and "Wi-Fi & mobile network location".

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