I’m Daniele Simonin, the developer behind Fossdroid: the project’s aim is to promote free and open source apps on the Android platform.
Fossdroid takes its data from F-Droid and organizes the apps in an attractive Google Play-like arrangement, with the ability to view apps by what’s new / trending / most popular.
If you have any questions/proposal please feel free to contact me at .


30-05-2018: Updated screenshots retrieval script;
05-01-2017: Trending apps and some fixes/restyling;
02-01-2017: Restyling;
10-10-2016: Self-hosted Piwik for analytics;
24-09-2016: Updated Material Design Lite;
10-09-2016: Restored Google Hosted Libraries;
18-08-2016: Removed Google Analytics JS and Google Hosted Libraries;
02-08-2016: Fixed screenshots retrieval bug;
07-02-2016: Blog;
12-11-2015: Changed color theme;
13-07-2015: Full Material redesign;
31-05-2015: Added badges for new/updated apps (last 7 days);
23-05-2015: Fixed dead links;
16-05-2015: Added screenshots;
13-05-2015: Added QR Code;
30-04-2015: Https is on by default;
26-04-2015: Added Open Graph data;
23-04-2015: Added “Donate” and “License” info;
22-04-2015: CSS Fixes.