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10,000 sentences

Learn new words in foreign languages
Version: 0.3.4
Added: 19-09-2019
Updated: 19-09-2019

10,000 sentences is an app that will help you learn new words in your target languages: You will be presented with a series of sentences where you need to guess the order of words. If your guess is correct, the app will find a new (and slightly more complex) sentence.

The application currently has 24 languages. Each language is available in two "directions". For example "French for English speakers" and "English for French speakers". More languages will be added in future. If you want to check the translations for words, make sure you have Google Translate installed.

The application uses "text-to-speach" (TTS), but not all languages are available on all Android phones. Some languages have also commercial TTS engines available on Google Play.

NonFreeNet: Puzzles are downloaded from

Screenshot of 10,000 sentences Screenshot of 10,000 sentences Screenshot of 10,000 sentences
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