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1010! Klooni

A libGDX game based on 1010
Version: 0.8.6
Added: 09-05-2020
Updated: 01-09-2020
Introducing Klooni

1010! Klooni is a free, libre and open source klooni of
the original minimalistic puzzle game by Gram Games.

Fill Up the Board

Drag the pieces on the board and try to clear as many
strips as you can! Beware though, it is not that easy o:)

Hack It

Make the game yours! Collaborate! Add new themes, pieces,
sounds or even explosions!

Have Fun :)

Overall, remember to have fun while playing the game. Also
share the love with the original developers if you like it!

Screenshot of  1010! Klooni Screenshot of  1010! Klooni Screenshot of  1010! Klooni
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