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2048 Open Fun Game

2048 game with AI, Replay, History and other fun features, Open Source, no ads
Version: 1.10.14
Added: 06-03-2021
Updated: 29-05-2021
"2048 Open Fun Game" is 2048 game with AI, Bookmarks, Auto Replay, History and other fun features,
Open Source, no ads.

How to play.
Swipe the game board to move all tiles left, right, up, or down.
When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one with a double number,
i.e. 2+2 merge into 4, 4+4 merge into 8 and so on.
The goal is to create a tile with the highest number.
Number 2048 is a good first win…

Features of "2048 Open Fun Game" that are not present in the original game:

* Unlimited and animated Undo and Redo.
* Select theme for the app: Device default (for Android 9+), Dark or Light.
Dark theme for Android 9+ is turned on by default when system-wide "Dark theme" is turned on in device settings.
* Turn on AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode and let the AI play for you.
Increase or decrease AI player speed. Stop it and continue playing yourself.
Choose one of several AI algorithms, see how they play and compare them.
* Bookmarks at the interesting game positions. Return to a bookmark and play again from that place.
* Move number and game duration shown. The time starts when you make a move.
It stops when you tap Undo or Pause button.
* "Watch" mode. Auto replay current game forward and backwards at any speed,
stop at any position.
Switch to "Play" mode from that place and continue playing, overriding history.
* The Latest games with all their moves, bookmarks and scores are stored in a history and can be watched.
Or you can play them again.
* Game menu allows you to delete current game from history, to restart a game ("Try again")
or to restore existing game from a list.
* When you tap "Try again" button or restore existing game, current game is automatically saved to the history,
so you can review or continue to play it later.
* Share a game as a file, so it can be loaded, watched and even played on any other device.
* The app is multilingual. Please add new translations at

For Android v.7.0+ devices.

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