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36C3 Schedule

Conference program app for the Chaos Communication Congress
Version: 1.55.0
Added: 24-12-2017
Updated: 07-09-2022
Conference program app for the Chaos Communication Congress


* View program by day and rooms (side by side)
* Custom grid layout for smartphones (try landscape mode ) and tablets
* Read detailed descriptions (speaker names, start time, room name, links, ...) of events
* Add events to favorites list
* Export favorites list
* Setup alarms for individual events
* Add events to your personal calendar
* Share a website link to an event with others
* Keep track of program changes
* Automatic program updates (configurable in settings)
* Vote and leave comments on talks and workshops
* Integration with the c3nav indoor navigation project https://c3nav.de
* Integration with the Engelsystem project https://engelsystem.de - Online tool for coordinating helpers and shifts on large events
* Integration with the Chaosflix https://github.com/NiciDieNase/chaosflix - Android app for http://media.ccc.de, share Fahrplan favorites with Chaosflix to import them as bookmarks

Supported languages
(Event descriptions excluded)
* Dutch
* English
* French
* German
* Italian
* Japanese
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Spanish
* Swedish

Questions regarding the content can only be answered by the
content team of the Congress. This app simply offers a way to
consume and personalize the conference schedule.

Bug reports are very welcome. It would be awesome if you
can describe how to reproduce the particular error. The issue
tracker can be found here:

Screenshot of 36C3 Schedule Screenshot of 36C3 Schedule Screenshot of 36C3 Schedule
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