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8-Bit Wonders

Pixel games and other retro stuff for C64 and VIC20 with all the Android feature
Version: 0.8.3a
Added: 16-10-2023
Updated: 14-05-2024
With 8-Bit-Wonders you can play both old and new pixel games in the style of the 80s while retaining all the advantages of your modern Android device (of course, other programs besides games also work):

  • Hardware keyboards and joystick via USB and bluetooth can be used.

  • A full virtual keyboard, a joystick and a steering wheel for the touchscreen are available.

  • All disk and tape formats supported by VICE can be used.

  • Use local storage or cloud services to load an save your files.

  • Current states can be saved, attached to the app's start screen and shared with others.

Currently, the C64, the most popular computer of the 80s, and its predecessor, the VIC20, are supported, more devices will follow.

The app is marked with the anti-feature "Non-Free Network Services" since when starting an emulation for the first time, files for the operating system of the computer and the basic interpreter are automatically downloaded. That was made for you convenience, but if you don't want to use network services, simply copy the files for example from a VICE installation on your PC to your device and turn off your device's networking before starting an emulation. You can then import the files and use the emulation withour using any network services.
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