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8Vim Keyboard

A small screen keyboard inspired by VIM and 8Pen
Version: iteration-7
Added: 26-10-2020
Updated: 20-05-2021

Usability Guide

So, what capabilities does 8Vim have? Once you know how to type with this thing (Learn how to type with this original [8Pen-game App] (, you must know the following
Basic Needed Stuff

Right Sector acts as a backspace Key.
Bottom Sector acts as a Enter Key.
Top Sector acts as a combination of SHIFT and CAPS_LOCK Key, i.e, Press once Shift is active, Press Twice CAPS is active and Press once more and everything is back to usual.
Left Sector acts as the button that takes you to the Number Pad.

Cursor Movements

If you move your finger from the centre-circle to any sector and stay, the cursor movement will be emulated. For example, if you swipe from circle->right, the cursor will move right. You get the picture.


There is selection built in to the keyboard. if you move your finger from the right sector to the circle, the cursor will start moving left and selecting everything in it's path. once you release, a selection keyboard will open up for various stupidities to do.

Paste Functionality

Moving your finger from right->circle->lift-your-finger performs a paste. whatever is in the clipboard.

Screenshot of 8Vim Keyboard Screenshot of 8Vim Keyboard Screenshot of 8Vim Keyboard
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