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An e-book reader
Version: 2.5.9-ics
Added: 08-01-2011
Updated: 11-09-2017
N.BThere are three different apks to cover the different versions of
Android. Donut covers 1.5-1.6; Froyo covers 2.0-2.3 and Honeycomb covers 3.0+.
x86 and MIPS are supported natively in all apks.

An e-book reader. Features include the ability to stock up on books from online
OPDS libraries like Project Gutenberg straight from the app. has two
other addon apps that provide text-to-speech functionality and one to support
local OPDS shares.

Anti-features: Addons. While there are some addons for this app that are free,
the dictionaries that are suggested are not. However, it does support, as long as that is installed beforehand and you
choose it via the Dictionary section of the settings.
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