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KISS launcher

A blazingly fast launcher focused on search
Version: 3.14.0
Added: 07-08-2015
Updated: 15-05-2020
With KISS Launcher, you can unclutter your home screen and access the functions you need as fast as possible in a minimalist interface. * 4 WORDS: Keep it simple, stupid * SMART SEARCH: Quickly find everything that you need * PRIVACY FIRST: Your data never leaves your phone. KISS does not have Internet access. * UNDER 250 KB: Small sized * SAVE BATTERY LIFE: Optimized battery drain KISS was developed to save you time. It helps you find the most used features of your phone, and adapts continuously to your usage. KISS becomes smarter and smarter as you use it, suggesting results you're more likely to select. And all of this happens on your device, KISS will never access internet. With a single search, access your apps, contacts, and settings. No more time spent trying to find the app you want to launch: type a few characters and tap enter. Need to call someone? Don't meddle with the call log, just type three letters of their name and tap the “phone” button. What you won't see is a lame grid of application icons that sit there doing NOTHING. If you're used to Spotlight, Alfred, the Windows search bar or Gnome's dash menu, you'll feel right at home. ------------------------- 93% of users that stick through their first week of usage are still active users after 3 years. ------------------------- KISS can be heavily customized, see screenshots or visit our site for inspiration! ------------------------- KISS is open-source! Join to discuss or contribute new features :)
Screenshot of KISS launcher Screenshot of KISS launcher Screenshot of KISS launcher
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