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An online address/POI search for navigation apps
Version: 1.24
Added: 17-11-2018
Updated: 20-07-2021

Acastus-Photon translates name of street/city/point-of-interest
to geo-coordinate which can be

  • opened in a map or navigation app such as OsmAnd,, APhotoManager.

  • shared with other people via the send command.

You can start Acastus by clicking on an adresss in the Android Contacts app (SimpleContatcs).

The Photon-Server-Software which Acastus-Photon calls over the internet
is a replacement for Google Maps and other geocoding services that you
can run on your own server.

Details on setting up your own Photon instance are here:

Screenshot of Acastus-Photon
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