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Adblock Plus

Ad blocker
Version: 1.1.3
Added: 20-03-2013
Updated: 07-09-2013
N.B If you get a http error 400 when updating the F-Droid client, it is
probably caused by this app and you will need to disable ad-blocking to allow
the F-Droid repos to update correctly.

Adblock Plus runs in the background and filters ads, using the same filters as
the Adblock Plus browser extension. Without needing root, it uses a proxy
feature that comes with Android 3.1+ to block ads over WiFi ; but if your phone
comes with extra proxy settings (e.g. Samsung or Custom ROMs), it can be
configured for Android 3.0 and below. Instructions are provided in the app or on
their website.

Requires root: No. Without root it uses a local proxy to filter ads for all apps
over WiFi only ; if you allow root the app can edit the hosts file too and
block ads on cellular data access points.

We are unable to publish newer versions of this app since upstream pushes lots
of prebuilt binaries to the source repo.
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