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Superuser ADBcmd appOps freezer ^4 root ed :# su Magisk (aosp/opPerms)
Version: 4.0-15
Added: 29-02-2020
Updated: 11-03-2021
appOps manager / ADB simulator for rooted devices ONLY (#su Magisk). USE WITH CAUTION.

Up-left white spinner to select appOps or icon/Launcher usefullest

Apps are grayed for empty uses & listed with time durations for active

You can use icon/Launcher shortcut or sort option to toggle +/-
☢DARK/System apps (use with extreme care!). Run it to re-enabled frozen apps.

(I)nformation has a reset for all appOps, be aware: it will wipe all your
previous aosp appOps settings..

BackgroundRestrictor's fork/hack with all appOps not requiring
aosp/sOpPerms i.e. the permission-less ones.

Compatible since sdk22 Lollipop-mr1.

prim-origin: RunInBackgroundPermissionSetter.


* License is (GPLv3 compatible) CC_BY
* source: mAd GiNGeR Icon Pack
* ref. [mAd GiNGeR Icon Pack] modified with foreground layer addition: text["__#"] color[C86400]
* author: Madeliniz
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