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Controlling Mac lock state
Version: 1.0
Added: 16-07-2016
Updated: 16-07-2016
Using android phone to establish a connection with your Mac via Bluetooth
low-energy(BLE), controlling Mac lock state (Lock or Unlock).


* Store the password in Mac system keychain.
* Send the UUID for lock/unlock Macbook.(other people can’t control your mac)
* Without any internet access.
* Authorization with fingerprint.
* Wake and unlock when mac is sleeping.(can not work when first boot-up and manually lock by clicking your name on the status bar, and then clicking 'Login Window....')
* Unlock when you resume Mac bypressing a key.
* Unlock when you manually lock mac with clicking "lock screen" by keychain access in status bar.(Choose Keychain Access > Preferences, then click General.
* Select Show keychain status in menu bar.)

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