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Digital manga catalogue and reader
Version: 1.2.5
Added: 03-03-2015
Updated: 13-03-2015
Offline digital manga catalogue.

* Access to over 45 000 manga series from currently 6 sources: Batoto (EN), MangaEden (EN), MangaHere (EN), MangaReader (EN), MangaEden (IT), and MangaHere (ES).
* Responsive viewer with options to switch reading direction, lock orientation, lock zoom, full-screen or immersive mode.
* A search tool capable of filtering and ordering manga series by name, genre (not for all sources), and status.
* An “Exploring” function to discover random manga series.
* A download manager to collect your desired manga series offline.
* Your personalized list of favourite manga series and recently read chapters (manageable with "Mark Read") .
* Easy settings to manage your reading experience such as "Enable Lazy Loading" to conserve bandwidth.
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