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Play simple Lua games, host web games server
Version: 0.0.3
Added: 09-05-2024
Updated: 09-05-2024
A collection of simple Lua games, and a web engine for playing them including an English dictionary (for word puzzles), websocket multiplayer, state sharing via URL, and auto saving with undo/redo. You can also upload your own games and play them.

The android app bundles the web version for offline play. (For network multiplayer, try the web version at

On the Android version there are two prototype features:
* you can host an HTTP/websocket server on your phone, to allow people on your local network to play web games together.
* you can play the Android native version. The web version is more polished, but the Android one demonstrates how games can be played without using a browser or webview at all.

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