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Anagram Solver

Find anagrams for a given word
Version: 2.1
Added: 22-04-2015
Updated: 22-04-2015
Find anagrams for any given word INSTANTLY!

A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase,
such as "garden" to "danger", is called an anagram. One word anagrams (where a
single word is anagrammed into another single word) are sometimes referred to by
wordplay specialists as transpositions. For example, "listen" is a transposition
of "silent".

You can type a regular or a scrambled word and see all the possible
combinations. Come up with a word and let the app find all the possible
anagrams. Browsing through random anagrams is a fun option! You can also use the
app as a spelling dictionary.


* English
* Greek
* French
* German
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