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AndrOBD SensorProvider

Plugin extension for AndrOBD to publish OBD measurements to MQTT home automation
Version: V1.0.4
Added: 25-09-2019
Updated: 10-10-2019
AndrOBD MQTTPublisher ===================== Plugin extension for AndrOBD to allow publication of OBD measurements to a MQTT home automation server. Functionality ------------- - The AndrOBD MQTT publisher published OBD vehicle data gathered from AndrOBD to a configurable MQTT server. - The extension connects to a single MQTT message broker as a publishing client using existing network connection. - All AndrOBD data items which are selected for display/update can be selected to be published to MQTT. - Publications are sent as a bulk of separate MQTT messages. - Publications are triggered automatically in a cyclic loop. - The time between publications is configurable. - The publication may also be triggered manually fromout the host application. Configuration ------------- Following generic parameters for publication shall be configurable: - MQTT parameters - Host Name / IP address - Port number - User Name - Password - MQTT message prefix - Update parameters - Update cycle time [s] - OBD data items - Selection of subset of AndrOBD data items for display.
Screenshot of AndrOBD SensorProvider Screenshot of AndrOBD SensorProvider Screenshot of AndrOBD SensorProvider
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