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Connect to your car's OBD system
Version: V2.6.7
Added: 26-05-2015
Updated: 08-12-2023
Use your phone/tablet to connect to your car's on-board diagnostics system via
any ELM327 bluetooth adapter.

OBD connections
* Bluetooth
* Wifi

OBD Features
* Read fault codes
* Clear fault codes
* Read/record live data
* Read freeze frame data
* Read vehicle info data

Additional features
* Day/Night view
* Data charts
* Dashboard
* Head up display
* Save recorded data
* Load recorded data (for analysis)
* CSV export

Customisation of PID data
* PID data items
* Data conversions

Plugin extension support
* Avalilable Plugins:
* MqttPublisher - Publish OBD readings to MQTT broker for home automation
* GpsProvider - Provide GPS data to AndrOBD
* SensorProvider - Provide Accelerometer sensor data to AndrOBD

Native language support
* translatable via
* Program dialogs
* Data item descriptions
* Fault code descriptions

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