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Android CUPS Print

This app allows you to print directly from Android to your CUPS server
Version: 1.4.0
Added on: 11-06-2016
Last update: 06-05-2017

Have a local printer shared over CUPS or IPP? Then this app allows you to directly print to it from your Android device.

This app just provides a Print Service to Android. This means that once it's installed, you have to enable it from your 'Print' section of the settings app of you device. Once the service is enabled, the printers are automatically discovered using the mDNS protocol. You can print anything you want from any app, as long as the print service is enabled.

Port of cups4j to Android. Original work was created by Jon Freeman, it included an app that reacts to the SEND intent to print documents.

Screenshot of Android CUPS Print Screenshot of Android CUPS Print Screenshot of Android CUPS Print
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