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AndroidIDE is an IDE for Android to develop full featured Android apps.
Version: v2.7.1-beta
Added: 07-01-2024
Updated: 26-01-2024
AndroidIDE, an open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for developing real Android applications directly on Android devices.
The main goal is to bring support for building Gradle-based Android projects on Android devices itself.

With AndroidIDE, you can :

- ☑️ Gradle Support
- ☑️ JDK 17 & 21 support.
- ☑️ Terminal (based on Termux, with limited packages).
- ☑️ SDK Manager (via terminal).
- ☑️ Log reader - Real-time display of your app's logs.
- ☑️ API Information - Provides information on classes and their members, including details on since, removed, and deprecated elements.
- ☑️ Java language support.
- ☑️ XML language support.
- ☑️ UI Designer
- ☑️ Git support (via terminal).

A basic installation (Android SDK, JDK, etc) is needed before you can start working with projects. Read the documentation at for more details.

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