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A private local storage utility application for android.
Version: 2.6.0
Added: 10-03-2022
Updated: 03-02-2023
Anemo is a private local storage utility application for android.
Instead of being a stand-alone file manager user interface, it hooks into various components of
Android making it feel like a native part of the operative system.
Moreover it provides ways for the user to export contents from other apps and save them as files.


- Create folders and organize files freely
- All files in the private storage won't appear in the other apps
- Access in the system Files application (the _DocumentsProviderUI_)
- An optional shortcut for devices that do not expose the system Files app is offered
- Lock access to the private storage
- Quick tile
- Auto lock after 15 minutes
- Password for locking access to the files
- Import content using the share Android functionality

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