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An alternative Android streaming frontend of BiliBili, NicoNico, YouTube, etc.
Version: 3.0.1
Added: 19-01-2023
Updated: 28-05-2023
An INDEPENDENT fork of NewPipe with more services, client features and bug fixes.

**Services List**:

* BiliBili
* NicoNico
* YouTube
* SoundCloud (Not maintained)
* media.ccc (Not maintained)
* Bandcamp (Not maintained)
* Peertube (Not maintained)

**New Client Features**:

* Bullet comments/Live Chats
* Show comments of replies
* Search filters
* Filter items in local playlists
* Android 13 support
* Musci player mode
* Sort playlists
* Remove duplicate items of local playlists
* Open timestamp in the main player
* Long click to append all related items to playlist
* Fetch all the items in the online playlist
* ...

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