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Run Linux On Android Without Root Access
Version: 6.17
Added: 12-12-2018
Updated: 26-10-2020

This application will allow you to run Linux on Android, by using and PRoot technology, you can even run SSH and Xfce4 Desktop Environment!!!


  • Lots of Linux distros supported:

1. Ubuntu 2. Debian 3. Kali 4. Parrot Security OS 5. Fedora 6. CentOS 7. openSUSE Leap 8. openSUSE Tumberweed 9. Arch Linux 10. Black Arch

  • Xfce4, Mate, LXQt, LXDE Desktop Environment Supported
  • Install multiple distros without conflict
  • Provide uninstallation script to fully uninstall distro


  • This app requires to work, please install it
  • About device requirements: Android Version: At least Android Lollipop; Architecture: armv7, arm64, x86, x86_64
  • For any suggestion or issue, please open an issue on Github.

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