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AnonAddy for Android

Anonymous Email Forwarding
Version: v3.2.1
Added: 03-10-2020
Updated: 22-10-2021

Manage your AnonAddy aliases, recipients, domains and more with the AnonAddy for Android app.

AnonAddy instance running v0.8.1 or higher


  • Connect to the AnonAddy instance or your own hosted instance

  • A unique, sexy and sleek design, based on the Material You Design guidelines

  • Support for Deep Link to easily deactivate aliases from the email banner

  • Lock the app using Biometrics

  • App exclusive features

    • Watching aliases for new emails

    • Get notified when a new update is available

    • Send emails from aliases by selecting an email address or clicking a mailto link

    • Get notified on failed deliveries

  • Enable error logging to *locally* store exceptions for easy troubleshooting

  • Widgets!


  • Encrypted preferences, your API key and other AnonAddy related settings are securely stored on your device using the AndroidX crypto library

  • No stats, buried points or Device IDs, or even crash reporting (Except for Google Play Store builds). So if you get a crash, please share the crash info with me >_<.

  • I am forgoing the convenient third-party collection SDK and various stats just so you can use it with confidence.

Manage (add, edit, delete):

  • Aliases

  • Recipients

  • Domains

  • Usernames

  • Rules

  • Failed deliveries

What is AnonAddy

AnonAddy is an open source email forwarding service designed to protect an Internet user's email addresses from spam and other unwanted emails. Using the AnonAddy Android app managing your aliased has become easier than ever! Learn more about AnonAddy:

Disclaimer: This app is in no way associated with the AnonAddy project and does not offer a license for the AnonAddy service

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