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Another RSS

reader for multiple RSS feeds in a single, searchable list
Version: 2.18
Added: 25-07-2017
Updated: 23-05-2018

AnotherRSS is a Atom/RSS feed reader. You can add many RSS feed urls. It is very similar to Vibora-Feed but without the "branding" or any limitations.


  • open feed link in your favourite browser
  • Search words in the feeds
  • nightmode
  • blacklist: ignore news, if they contains some keywords
  • open feed link via notification
  • long click: open in Browser, share with..., mark deleted, readed or favorite
  • landscape, short click: open feed in a Webview
  • automatic background update for news around 30 minutes, 1, 3 or 6 hours
  • support for many different versions of images in feeds
  • choose your own LED notification color and behavior
  • ONE new feed is ONE new notification
  • german or english interface
  • uses server response code (304 not modified) to reduce data transfer
  • auto-delete: deletes no favorite feeds after a configurable set of days
  • recheck every 75 sec, if you have no connection to a network
  • add many feed urls (seperated by space) in the preferences

Do not be afraid! The first refresh generates about 150 notifications, but the App options menu has a feature to remove all of them.

Expunge and Ignore

To reduce the cached informations, single feed news older than 5 days will be ignored. If you delete single feed news, then they will be destroyed in the caching system.


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