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Another way to manage passwords
Version: 1.6.0
Added: 08-01-2022
Updated: 28-02-2022
This offline password manager manages strong generated passwords which are easy to type (but almost impossible to crack).

It also comes with a clever two factor authentication to login into the credential vault. These factors are knowledge (a PIN) and ownership (the master password). So instead of remembering a long and complicated master password you just remember the PIN and have your master password with you (as QR code or NFC tag), and use biometrics (e.g. fingerprint) to get it from your device.

Core features of the app

- easy two factor authentication
- no complicated master password to memorize, it is just exported
- easy to read generated passwords
- strong modern encryption (AES 128/256, Blowfish, Chacha20)
- Autofill support
- biometrics (e.g. fingerprint) for stored master password
- no insecure clipboard function by default
- show passwords over other apps
- no internet connection needed, all is offline
- export and import credential vault
- share and outsource credentials
- obfuscate passwords as additional security layer
- optional self desctruction mode after too many failed login attempts
- Dark theme support ;-)

For detailed information see

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