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A puzzle game where you search for all hidden mines.
Version: 7.1.4
Added: 23-05-2020
Updated: 28-06-2020
Antimine is a minesweeper-like puzzle game. The objective is to flag the spaces with mines to make the field a safer place without exploding any of them. You win the game when you've flagged every mine in the minefield. Be careful not to trigger one! Features
  • Takes up little storage space
  • It can be played without an Internet connection
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Make your own level
  • Night mode
  • Saves the game automatically
  • Place flags to mark mines
  • Place question marks to flag questionable places
  • Open multiple places by pressing the numbers
  • Place flags automatically when needed
  • Share the game
  • Play with split-screen
  • Accessibility: increase the area of ​​the square
  • Accessibility: screen reader
Source Code This game source code is available GitHub.
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