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Alternative keyboard
Version: 1.10.606
Added: 20-09-2012
Updated: 19-05-2019
Alternative on-screen keyboard for multiple languages. * Multi-language keyboard support via external packages (English as standard) * Completion dictionaries for multiple languages * Multitouch support * Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all the way up out of the keyboard) * Gesture support: swipe left or right to switch layouts; swipe up to shift; swipe down to close the keyboard * Theme support (comes with several skins) * Emoji keyboard plus emoji tag search - type ":emoji_name" * Built-in user dictionary words editor * Optional 16-key English keyboard * Cursor movement soft-keys that can also be mapped to hardware keys * Supports ARM, x86 and MIPS natively * Voice-input * Ability to override the system locale value We will try to publish any language packs and themes that have source xml and attribution/licence for the dictionaries. For more info see the f-droid.org [http://f-droid.org/forums/topic/anysoftkeyboard-language-packs-layouts-plans/#post-6408 forum topic].
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