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An unofficial client for the gratis app download site APKMirror
Version: 1.2
Added: 30-08-2018
Updated: 18-12-2018

Browses APKMirror using a WebView. APKMirror provides APKs, as the name quite obviously suggests. It saves you the trouble of having to open up a browser and visit APKMirror by typing the URL, and is the sole purpose of this app existing (because who uses stupid boring browsers to browse sites when you can create an entire app for a site, amirite?).


  • Quick loading (depends on phone)
  • Ability to choose any download manager
  • Clean material design (I think)
  • Small-ish APK size

Things that would constitute as Anti-Features (that aren't already shown by F-Droid)

  • The app itself does NOT contain any ad libraries whatsoever (it is completely FOSS).

However, as anyone who has visited the APKMirror site probably knows, they do display ads. As this app utilizes a WebView, the site's ads will also end up being displayed in the app. Remember that they show ads to be able to keep their site up, so try not to think too harshly of them.

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