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apps_Packages Info

Updated ApplicationsInfos with colors & mini-tags (and basic fixes)
Version: 1.7-15
Added: 30-12-2018
Updated: 26-05-2020

Quickly show all possible android states for all installed packages:

  • SharedLibs & uid added
  • Persistent +Stopped +Inactive +Suspended state per app
  • debug or test possible flavour
  • sdk version (sorting option for Oreo/Pie)
  • READ_LOGS if granted
  • system app with locked data
  • ALL ApplicationInfos classic features
  • (full scan classes & trackers via intent/ClassyShark3xodus)

With minimum of permissions, this app also demonstrates all possible leaks that can be done by any installed app with INTERNET granted (and closed sources), in order to grab data for profiling.


Screenshot of apps_Packages Info Screenshot of apps_Packages Info Screenshot of apps_Packages Info
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