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Arcticons Material You

A line-based icon pack with a Material You color palette.
Version: 9.6.5
Added: 25-06-2023
Updated: 05-06-2024
Arcticons Material You is a line-based icon pack that adapts to your background!

Featuring over 8000 elegant and consistent icons, created by a community from all around the world. Arcticons Material You is a variation of the more traditional Arcticons Dark & Light icons, but with a big difference: A line color and background that change based on your wallpaper and system theme! 

You can request new icons if you're missing any with the in-app icon request option. But it's also possible to create them yourself.

If you're missing icons, you can submit an icon request or create them yourself!

You must have a device that runs on *Android 12 or above* to use the dynamic colors.

*Use one of these launchers to apply the dynamic color scheme:*
Nova  •  Niagara • Hyperion  • Lawnchair  • Kvaesisto

If you need help, have questions or some feedback? You are welcome to reach out to me at these places:
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