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aShell: A local ADB shell for Shizuku powered android devices
Version: v0.8
Added: 22-02-2023
Updated: 02-05-2023
aShell is a local ADB shell for [Shizuku]( powered android devices.


- A fully working [Shizuku]( (a completely opn-source project) environment. If you are not aware about Shizuku or don't want to use it, please do not bother installing this app. It simply won't work.
- Basic knowledge about adb/Linux command-line.


- An elegantly designed user interface.
- Included a bundle of examples about common adb commands.
- Handles continuously running commands, such as logcat, top, etc.
- Search for specific text from the last command output.
- Option to save last command output as a text file.
- Bookmark frequently using commands.
- An auto-dark/light theme.
- A lot more.


Please help me to translate this application via POEditor. You may also translate after downloading the original language string available GitHub.
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