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Asteroid's Revenge

Endless survival bulletHell (highscore based).
Version: 0.10.6
Added: 20-04-2024
Updated: 20-05-2024
It is an endless game where you play as an supernatural asteroid who is tired of the genocide caused by the spaceships from Earth and wants to destroy the planet by doing a kamikaze

Features :

. Can be downloaded on Windows and Linux (and also on OSX but need someone to try it out)
. Easy to start with minimal controls (just a joystick)
. Very short play time (can be played easily between small breaks)
. Open source
. Fully free with no ads
. Translations available in more than 25 languages

Made with (guess the engine- it is present among the top 3 engines with the most projects on

This is just a idea i had after watching way too many games where player spaceships shoot down harmless asteroids. I thought about them getting revenge and decided to make a game on it.

Web version (runs on mobile) :

Screenshot of Asteroid's Revenge Screenshot of Asteroid's Revenge Screenshot of Asteroid's Revenge
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