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A simple VU-style audio meter
Version: 1.2
Added: 21-11-2016
Updated: 30-11-2016
A simple VU-style audio meter. You can choose from several formulas to allow
the meter to work in low- and high-noise level enviromnents.

I noticed there was no audio meter in F-Droid, so I thought I'd build one.

The app offers a few ways to calculate the audio level to display:

* dBFS: Decibels relative to Full Scale.
* RMS: Root Mean Square. This is arguable the most correct, but it is a little insensitive at low volumes.
* LogRMS: Natural log of RMS: My first attempt to even out the scale. It's a little too sensitive to noisy mics.
* SqrtRMS: Squareroot of RMS: My second attempt to even out RMS: it seems to works best.
* Max: Simply find the loudest bit of each sample. Most responsive, but will peg the scale on noisey places.
* Avg: Simple average of the sound.
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