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Automate stuff on your device by creating rules.
Version: 1.6.43
Added: 11-03-2021
Updated: 07-11-2021
Create rules that are made of triggers and actions. A prominent example would be something like "Mute phone at work".

Here's a list of supported triggers and actions:

Supported triggers:
* Location
* Day/Time
* Charging state
* Battery level
* USB connection to computer established
* Your current speed
* Background noise (only until Android 7)
* Wifi connection
* Other applications running
* Airplane mode
* Roaming status
* NFC tags
* Bluetooth connection
* Headset connected
* Phone call running
* Notifications of other apps

Supported actions:
* Change wifi state
* Change bluetooth state
* Toggle USB tethering
* Toggle wifi tethering
* Toggle automatic screen rotation
* Make an HTTP request
* Change ringtone/sound setting
* Start another application
* Wait (in between other actions)
* Wakeup device's screen
* Toggle airplane mode
* Toggle mobile data connection
* Speak text
* Open music player
* Change screen brightness
* Send text message
* Play sound file

It's quite hard to keep this app working across the many different hardwares as well as the many changes Android undergoes over the versions. I can test it in the emulator, but that cannot show all bugs.
So if a certain feature is not working on your device - let me know. Over the years I have fixed almost all bugs that have been reasonably reported to me. But for that I'm dependend on your input.

If you have a problem and think about contacting me please update to the latest version first and see if your problem persists there, too.

Donations are certainly a good, but not the only way to motivate me :-)
* If you'd like to support me, you can also leave a positive review for the app on Google Play.
* Furthermore I can always use help in translating the app. English, German and some Spanish are among my own skills. But everything else is more than welcome.

Explanation of the many permissions can be found here:
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