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A simple, rational music player
Version: 2.0.1
Added: 05-07-2021
Updated: 02-12-2021
Auxio is a local music player with a fast, reliable UI/UX without the many useless features present in other music players. Built off of Exoplayer, Auxio has a much better listening experience compared to other apps that use the native MediaPlayer API. In short, It plays music.


- ExoPlayer based playback
- Customizable UI & Behavior
- Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs support
- Simple queue system
- Full playback persistence system
- Edge-to-edge (Oreo+ Only)
- Embedded covers support
- Search Functionality
- Audio Focus / Headset Management
- No internet connectivity whatsoever
- Kotlin from the ground-up
- No rounded corners

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