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A simple, rational music player
Version: 3.4.3
Added: 05-07-2021
Updated: 09-04-2024
Auxio is a local music player with a fast, reliable UI/UX without the many useless features present in other music players. Built off of modern media playback libraries, Auxio has superior library support and listening quality compared to other apps that use outdated android functionality. In short, It plays music.


- Playback based on Media3 ExoPlayer
- Snappy UI derived from the latest Material Design guidelines
- Opinionated UX that prioritizes ease of use over edge cases
- Customizable behavior
- Support for disc numbers, multiple artists, release types,
precise/original dates, sort tags, and more
- Advanced artist system that unifies artists and album artists
- SD Card-aware folder management
- Reliable playlisting functionality
- Playback state persistence
- Automatic gapless playback
- Full ReplayGain support (On MP3, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, and MP4 files)
- External equalizer support (ex. Wavelet)
- Edge-to-edge
- Embedded covers support
- Search functionality
- Headset autoplay
- Stylish widgets that automatically adapt to their size
- Completely private and offline
- No rounded album covers (by default)
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