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Aves Libre

Gallery and metadata explorer
Version: 1.11.1
Added: 29-11-2022
Updated: 09-05-2024
Aves can handle all sorts of images and videos, including your typical JPEGs and MP4s, but also more exotic things like multi-page TIFFs, SVGs, old AVIs and more! It scans your media collection to identify motion photos, panoramas (aka photo spheres), 360° videos, as well as GeoTIFF files.

Navigation and search is an important part of Aves. The goal is for users to easily flow from albums to photos to tags to maps, etc.

Aves integrates with Android (from KitKat to Android 14, including Android TV) with features such as widgets, app shortcuts, screen saver and global search handling. It also works as a media viewer and picker.

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