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Baby Books

Make your own picture books using images and words from Wikipedia
Version: 0.9.0
Added: 06-02-2022
Updated: 22-05-2022
Make your own books
Create your book, search for wiki pages, watch images and text flow onto your pages.

Learn with your kids
Interested in biology? Want to build a book for you and your kids to learn more about it? Try creating a new book, add some pages by searching for Organism, Animal, Plant, and then Fungi, then watch your book come to life.

Share your creations
Generate a PDF and email it to a friend, or print it for your own physical book.

This is still in the early stages of development. Some things which are on the roadmap:
  • Proper attribution for Wikipedia sources in resulting PDFs.
  • More intuitive swipe controls (e.g. for changing pages when reading, or for re-ordering pages in a book).
  • Select your favourite image(s) from a wiki page instead of being forced to use the one the app selected.
  • Sharing of books between Android devices to support remixing and improving others books (rather than just PDF export as we have now).

Donate via Liberapay or GitHub Sponsors to support further development.

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