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Replace your phone's interface with a big, simple and friendly one
Version: 13.0.0
Added: 03-08-2019
Updated: 12-10-2020


BaldPhone is a platform which replaces the phone’s interface with a bigger, simpler and friendlier one.
It is built for elderly people, people with motoric problems and people who need a visual aid.
It’s 100% free and open source. It is made out of a desire to help the community and is purely a goodwill product.

Main features

- Home Launcher
- Keyboard
- Video Tutorials
- Reminders For Pills
- Contacts and Phone Applications
- Voice Assistant
- Alarms
- Photos and Videos Viewer
- Notification Management
- SOS Button
- Advanced Settings
- Much More!
Screenshot of BaldPhone Screenshot of BaldPhone
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