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Bandcamp client
Version: 0.1
Added: 20-12-2019
Updated: 20-12-2019
A bandcamp client, although not feature-complete. It's powerful for for storing bandcamp metadata offline; playback might not be very stable.

Included features:

* Store metadata
* Log in
* Bulk download metadata of all albums and tracks on a certain bandcamp website (e.g. your library)
* Hearts for tracks and albums you paid for (and for albums whose individual tracks you all paid for)
* Search
* Artist profile view
* Album view
* Track view (including lyrics)
* Playback (though quite unstable)

#### How to use

1. Use Manage Login to log in to Bandcamp via WebView
2. Tap Discover Your Library, then Discover This to add all visible albums and tracks to your "discover database"
3. Wait until all items on the website you selected have been discovered and close the login view
4. There may be a little lag while your discovery database is loading
5. Tap an album's open arrow to open detail view
6. Tap a track's open arrow to open track detail view (doesn't appear if track has no extra info)
7. Tap an artist's name to view their profile (doesn't work with artits who have their own subdomain)

Metadata in your discovery database are stored offline. Hold Bulk Discover to flush the discovery database. Hold the open arrow of an entry to only remove that one.

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