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A third-party client for Bangumi
Version: 7.7.0
Added: 20-06-2022
Updated: 18-02-2023

A third-party Bangumi client based on React-Native

The layout is designed for mobile, covering basically all pages of the website.

Bangumi is used for discovering, discussing, and managing the progress of the anime, music, Japanese drama, game, AVG and more.

Basic Functions

  • Managing progress

  • Details of the entries and charactors

  • Timeline (user activity)

  • Super-expanding (forum)

  • Time Machine (person center), user space

  • More than search, rank, index, daily broadcast, yearbook, amd label

Featured Functions

  • Serve most resources on self-maintained CDN, high speed access

  • Serve images on CDN, with post-processing,faster than the origin site with higher quality and less size

  • Seasonal drama with precise single episode web source, manga source search, looking for drama, novel, game, and music

  • Screenshot preview for drama and game

  • Little chalice (Character Trading Air Game with independent UI/UX design)

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