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BART Runner

Timetables for trains in the U.S.
Version: 2.2.18
Added: 13-07-2013
Updated: 02-07-2019

Enter your most traveled routes and receive a real-time listing of upcoming departures.

  • Streamlined for experienced BART commuters
  • Real-time departure info refreshes automatically, and the accuracy of the departure estimates increases over time
  • Estimated arrival times
  • Pick which train you want to board, and information about that departure will be available in your notification tray
  • Set a departure alarm to go off a few minutes before your train leaves (you pick how much advance warning you want)
  • Phone will not sleep while viewing departure times (the screen will only dim), so you only need a quick glance at the phone to see how long you have left to catch the train
  • Zoomable offline system map
  • Fares and next departure time are shown in the saved route listing

There may be an issue with crashes on the Galaxy S: the author is working hard on a fix.

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