System › Battery Charge Limit
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Battery Charge Limit

Stops charging at a desired level
Version: 1.0.5
Added on: 24-09-2017
Last update: 01-11-2017

Change the limit up to which it should charge (default: 80). Check which control file suits best for your device, see Q/A for hints. In most cases, the pre-selected choice should be the best that's available for your device. The app only gets kicked in while you connect a charger (or USB), and automatically closes shortly after unplugging charger (or USB), i.e. it only runs in the background as long as it is plugged in, and won't affect your battery life. If your device is not charging even after disabling the limit (which shouldn't happen, just in case), uninstall the app and reboot the device (the changes made by the app don't survive a reboot). Your device should charge normally then.

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