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Beacon Locator

Interact with Bluetooth beacons
Version: 1.2.2
Added: 27-02-2016
Updated: 30-01-2019
Scan, locate and track Bluetooth LE beacons (Eddystone, iBeacons or AltBeacons)
allows you to define actions that will be triggered when a specified event

These events are supported:

* Beacon enters a region (beacon in range)
* Beacon leaves the region (beacon is out of range)
* Beacon is near you

For each event you can define unlimited number of actions :

* Start an application
* Open url
* Get current location
* Broadcast intent action
* Set Normal / Silent mode
* Execute tasker action ( for unlimited action possibilities

For example, you may set a silent mode entering your bedroom...and set normal
sound profile leaving it.

Additional information is supplied in the
help section of the wiki.
Screenshot of Beacon Locator Screenshot of Beacon Locator Screenshot of Beacon Locator
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