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An app for managing NewPipe databases
Version: 1.1.0
Added: 08-12-2023
Updated: 11-02-2024


An app for managing NewPipe databases.

BendyStraw imports NewPipeData-*.zip files and
lets you:

  • Open multiple zips at the same time, so you can combine data
    from several devices

  • Delete Copy Move
    Rename your custom playlists

  • Delete Copy Move streams from one
    playlist to another

  • Delete Copy Move channel
    subscriptions between databases

  • Delete Copy Move remote (bookmarked)

  • Re-order playlists, sorting the streams by Title,
    Channel or Length (just tap the column headings in
    the tables)

  • Streams (audio/video) can be opened directly from
    BendyStraw, as the URLs are clickable

    • If you set video links (in your Android settings) to open in
      NewPipe you can make a split-screen view and jump
      around your playlists

  • Export playlist as raw text, for example to be used with

  • Dark/light themes

After editing simply export a new zip file, then import it back
into NewPipe.

Note about Permissions

On Android 13+, BendyStraw asks for the
manage external storage permission, here's why:

  • A typical use-case for this app is to open several zip files,
    concurrently, from multiple locations including
    Download directories (these files would be, for example,
    multiple NewPipe exports from multiple devices, which you
    want to combine).

  • Each zip is extracted so that its contained
    newpipe.db SQLite database can be read/written while you are

  • After editing, the extracted files are written back to a new
    zip, and/or overwrite the original zips.

>I aim to minimise the permissions I request in everything I build >. Android 13 introduced changes to make doing what I decribed above
difficult. I explored alternative methods requiring fewer permissions and felt
that it compromised the user experience for my (as the app's first user)
typical usage, making it more complicated and annoying.

I treat users as responsible human beings, so give you this info to allow you
to make an informed choice. If you are not happy with this, you can:

  • Choose not to grant the permission, and uninstall the app.

  • Check the source code to see that I'm not doing anything nefarious, or ask
    somebody to check it for you (at time of writing, everything related to
    reading/writing files is in /lib/file_manager_widget.dart).

  • Build the app yourself from the source using Flutter.

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