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With this app you can get your BG values onto the BangleJS!
Version: v1
Added: 10-07-2023
Updated: 10-07-2023
# Prerequisites
For this app to work and to get data the data on your watch, you need:
- An Android phone
- this app installed
- Allow the app to draw over other app's permission and disable battery optimization.
- xdrip app installed.
- the Gadgetbridge app (bangle version) for the Android phone
- A BangleJS
- With this widget installed

# App

## How to use it
Make sure you have all the prerequisites from above.

The watch should automatically start displaying values, if there is an arrow visible behind the value, the value is within the not-expired-yet time range changeable in the settings standard is 15 minutes. (I will probably change this in the future, to strike through the text to make expired values clearer). If you click on the text in the app, a test value of 18 as a raw value will be sent to the watch with a valid timestamp. This feature is used for testing if the connection works. Also, make sure to allow the app to draw over other apps's permission.

## Settings
In the settings, you can:
- Disable/hide the widget
- Change the unit from mmol/L to mg/dL
- Set a time at which old BG values expire

# Developer
Developed by Phil Roggenbuck (phrogg)

# Disclaimer
As well as xdrip you should not use this app to make medical decisions!
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