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This application will help you remember all the birthdays of your friends
Version: 20211213_V53
Added: 24-02-2017
Updated: 16-12-2021
Free! No Ads! Opensource :D!

BirthDayDroid is a simple Android application to help you to remember your contact's birthdays. It scans your local contact list looking for birthdays. When it finds it, it will show you the contact's age, sign, days until her/his birthday.

* Check our webpage

BirthdayDroid Webpage

* Open source:

This project is an opensource project and you will find it at: Gitlab

* Help us to have this app translated to your language

If you want to help us to translate this app to your language go to: Transifex

* Thanks to:

App Icon: Firefox OS Emojis

Navigation bar icons: Google Team

Emojis: Free emojis provided by Emoji One


* Read your contacts
BirthdayDroid will work checking the birthday entry from each contact from your contact list so it will request you to have access to your contacts. You can check our source code if you still don't trust giving us that permission.

* Control vibration

Birthday Notifications

* Run at Startup

To register the time for the Birthday Notifications
Screenshot of BirthDayDroid Screenshot of BirthDayDroid
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